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Lani Ford: News/Blog

Lani heads to Austin for MEOW Con

Posted on October 9, 2013
New York, NY (October 9, 2013)--Lani Ford heads to Austin for the first annual MEOW Con.
Lani Ford enjoyed her summer, playing solo at the Kauai Music Festival and releasing the EP Walk Away Clean with her gypsy cowpunk band, Tania & the Revolutionaries. She also took part in the opening of The Rock’n’Roll Photography of Alan Rand at the Bergen Performing Arts Center with a solo set. In September, Lani traveled to Nashville for the Americana Music Festival. She will appear on Breindel Wood’s internet show “Facebook Friends Meet” on October 20th before departing for Austin to appear in the Los Angeles Women in Music Showcase at MEOW Con.
MEOW Con is an annual gathering of the tribes – an interactive forum designed to address the needs and challenges of women working in the music industry today and to ensure women have a voice at every level of their music career. The conference brings together musicians, journalists, academics, students, bloggers, [...]
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NEW YORK CITY (August 7, 2013) -- After significant delays due to Mother Nature and technology’s flaws,the gypsy cowpunk band Tania & The Revolutionaries are finally set to release their sophomore EP, Walk Away Clean.
Walk Away Clean is an EP that was intended to be a full-length album, but due to natural disasters and computer drives dying in foreign countries, 6 songs are being release. The trio started out recording in Nashville with Steve Goodie at Pitch Perfect Studios. Steve played guitar and mandolin on "Cold Dead Cupid", "Not For Long", and "My Rosita". Then they went to the amazing Paul Kostabi north of New York City. He recorded and mixed "Walk Away Clean" and "Why Do I". Those files were lost during Superstorm Sandy. Before the hurricane, the Revs went back to Kostabi's place where Tony Mann (drums, percussion, backing vocals) recorded "Epitaph". Other songs were recorded that day but not finished. He and Laura Sativa (flute, percussion, backing vocals) went [...]
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NEW YORK CITY AND MELBOURNE (January 24, 2013) -- It’s been a busy year for Lani Ford so far. In January, she was granted with her 8th ASCAP Plus Award for performance and songwriting. “ASCAP Plus Awards are based on panel review of recent activity of writer applicants. Each applicant is considered on merit and in the context of all others applying. ASCAP Plus Awards is not a contest or competition involving the critical evaluation of any specific work or works. The primary basis for panel determinations is the activity generated by each member's catalog, with emphasis on recent performances.” (http://www.ascap.com)

The singer, songwriter, bassist, and guitarist also received a new artist endorsement from Daisy Rock Guitars. “You can’t be Lani if your don’t have her life experience, if you haven’t watched the world turn and your life hasn’t been a box of chocolates because Lani’s gift to this world is this – she brings life to words and she brings life to music. [...]
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First Newsletter of 2013!

Posted on January 2, 2013
bHere's hoping you have the best year ever!!!
It's that time of year to assess, take stock and recharge. I have been thinking a lot about everything that has happened up to this point and what comes next and it's pretty exciting. I am so lucky and grateful to have amazing friends all over the world. Isn't it great that we have the internet to keep in contact in real time? I want to communicate with you more and that is my goal for the upcoming year. Better website and newsletter. Don't worry you won't be hearing from me every 5 minutes like some bloggers that will go unnamed for now. LOL.

Anyway, my band Tania and The Revolutionaries are trying to finish up our EP of songs that we recorded with the amazing Paul Kostabi in NY and Steve Goodie in Nashville. It's taking us a bit longer than we thought since we are working together in at least 2 countries all the time as the other 2/3 of the Revolutionaries have re-located to Nicaragua for now. I hope to go see them in February and [...]
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: NEW YORK CITY (October 13, 2012) – LANI FORD RETURNS TO L.A. AFTER THE REVOLUTIONARIES GO UNDERGROUND. Lani Ford of Kicking and Screaming Music will return to California to play the Los Angeles Women in Music Showcase November 14, 2012. In 2011, after the end of her hard rock trio STARK, Lani Ford started the Gypsy Cowpunk group Tania & The Revolutionaries, including Ford on vocals, guitar and sometimes mandolin, Laura Sativa on flute and percussion and Tony Mann on percussion and drums. The band has been hard at work finishing up a new EP before Laura and Tony (aka Yolanda and Teko) move to Nicaragua to prepare for the band’s tour in Central America in 2013. The EP is due to be available before the end of the year. Their final U.S. show until the spring will be October 20th at Otto’s Shrunken Head in NYC for the bar’s 10th Anniversary Party. In the meantime, Ford who recently studied with Renee Grant-Williams in Nashville after winning [...]
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